Our Top 10 Garage Sale Steals to Look for This Season

Are you working on getting your perfect mix of old and new in your home? I have many items that I pick up at yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, junk yards, etc. that are used for certain "staging" areas in my home. Garage sale season is the perfect time to snag these essential pieces at low prices and get classic decor items you'll use for years to come. I am all about mixing old and new, I want a comfortable, fresh, CLEAN, and welcoming in my home. Sometimes getting the real thing comes with consequences.....like rust, lead based paint, dirt, etc. There are times I wanted real but have opted for the less messy option of reproduction. Please be careful when picking your vintage style pieces in your home and ALWAYS test for lead based paint before hanging it on your wall or in your home.

In some cases though nothing beats the real thing and they may also be cheaper than reproduction especially if you happen to find them while out treasure hunting at yard sales.

#1 Old Books

Yep, you knew I was going to say it! I LOVE THEM!! Everywhere, I can't seem to have enough!! All sizes, all colors, covers ripped off, covers left on... I just can't get over how much character they add to everything. The best part is it is at a minimal cost and effort. Books at yard sales and garage sales can range anywhere from .05 cents to $4 depending on the age and condition of the book. If they are .05-$1, I STOCK UP. Bags and Bags as many as I can get because trust me I know they are going to be getting used in every room and that equals A LOT of books. If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate with old books check out our blog post: http://www.rustandrelics.net/single-post/2018/02/03/How-to-Decorate-with-Old-Books

#2 Vintage Kitchen Ware, Enamel Items, Scales, Cookbooks, Rolling Pins, Bread Boards, etc.

#3 Candle Holders

#4 Architectural Pieces

#5 Posters, Book Pages, Prints, Mirrors-