Design Tips for Styling a Hutch

Maybe it's just me but styling a hutch, bookcase, buffet or open shelving space can be a little scary. A blank slate is great don't get me wrong, but it's hard to know where to start. Don't be discouraged if it takes a few tries before you get it just right.

So here are some tips that I have picked up that I think will make it a little easier for you.

Tip #1 Balance-If you do a wooden element on one shelf you should incorporate another type or piece of that element on another shelf. Usually I try to put it on the opposite end for example if I put a metal cake stand on the top shelf on the right then I may use a metal measuring cup on the bottom shelf on the left.

Tip #2 Greenery- It's true there is something to be said for adding greenery to a hutch or shelf that really just sets it off. I tend to lean toward faux greenery that doesn't require sunlight or water because now I can place it anywhere.

Tip #3 Textiles-I like to incorporate some type of textile to add texture to the space: napkins, dish clothes, a folded table runner, place mats are all great items that can be used.

Tip #4 Layers- I like to use platters, trays, bread boards, old wooden boxes, something to give extra dimension to my shelves and add interest to the eye.

Tip #5 Books- I love books. In fact, I did a whole blog post on how to decorate with old books awhile back.

You can read it here: case you missed it.

I love books in hutches or on shelves because again they add texture especially if they have old worn pages or worn bindings that can be displayed.

Tip #6 Height- Everything can't be the same level. I notice when I add height to one end of my hutch and then again at the other it balances it out but also helps it from becoming hollow looking. My favorite way to do this is with cake stands. Cake stands are at home in a kitchen or dining room and they are great for added texture (metal,glass or wood) and added height. Another great option for adding height and texture is stacking books on top of each other.

I hope these help and inspire you in your home!! Happy decorating!!

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