Spring Table Ideas

If you're like me you LOVE setting an inspiring table setting. I try to make them reflect both the season and occasion.

My hope is that it says "come stay awhile, sit, eat, enjoy good food and good conversation". Do you think a table can say all that? I do, I believe any space in your home can be made to be inviting even the dinning room table.

The difference between a "special" occasion and an "everyday occasion" is whatever you make it.

In my house, I am know for making "special" occasions "special". We extend the table out to fit more people, we have table settings, special glasses, linen napkins, centerpieces, along with a big meal. Whether it's Mother's Day, Easter, Birthday celebrations or just a Sunday family dinner embrace the occasion and make sure that all there feel special and welcome.

Here are a few Spring table settings to inspire you at your table for all of your upcoming Spring gatherings.

#1 My Easter Table-

This table setting is one of my favorites classic, rustic and elegant. I love the idea of using our handled wooden trays as table settings. I realize that at $24.95 a piece they are not the most economical choice. However my hope was to let this look inspire you to think of what other wood elements you could use to achieve this look? Perhaps some large bread boards?

The other touch that I love is the simple brown eggs, it adds the festive Easter touch in a subtle simple way and best of all I already had them in my fridge!! If you want to take this look a step further, grab a marker and write the guest's names on each egg and place them in the nest!!

Shop the Look:

Bird's Nests-$1.95 (Shop Now)

Burlap Napkins- $4.95 each (Shop Now)

Aspen Leaf Stems- $7.95 each (Shop Now)

Paper White Bulbs- $3.95 each (Shop Now)

Linen Table Runner- $9.99 TJ Maxx

Brass Candle Holders- $12.95 (Shop Now)

Table Setting #2 Classic -

This table setting is another one of my favorites, I LOVE grain stripe. It screams farmhouse to me. This table setting would be perfect for a simple Sunday family dinner. I used our Aspen Leaf stems pieced together as a runner down the center of the table. These are hands down one of my favorite stems very versatile I use them in at least one of my rooms almost year round.

The second element that I love about this table setting is how creative I got to be with the charger, can you guess what it is? The lid to a wooden hat box, if you are out treasure hunting for great finds wooden hat boxes are awesome. They look great stacked up on a shelf, they double as additional storage and bonus the lids can be used as chargers!! They are a win-win all around and usually they are only priced at $1-$5 at second hand stores....happy hunting!!

Shop the Look-

Aspen Leaf Stems- $7.95 (Shop Now)

Grain Stripe Table Runner-$7.95 World Market

Grain Stripe Napkins- Set of 4 - $6.95 World Market

Antique Glassware- Favorite Garage Sale/Second Hand Finds .... happy hunting!!

Wooden Hat Boxes- Favorite Garage Sale/Second Hand Finds .... happy hunting!!

Table Setting #3- Mother's Day

I think this table setting would be ideal for Mother's Day. Our Flowering Almond Stems are the perfect table runner. I chose to use the handled wooden trays again as a place setting. I love the wood accent against my white table and I love that everything for each person is confined to the tray and designated to that person. I like the contrast of the black chalkboard label against the black and white striped napkins. I think it really pulls everything together. The black in wood are needed to break up all of the white.

Shop the look:

Napkins from Target- Hearth and Home Collection last Spring-$4.95 each

Flowering Almond Stems- $11.95 each (Shop Now)

Handled Wooden Tray- $24.95 each (Shop Now)

Small Tin Vases- $9.95 each (Shop Now)

Table Setting #4- My Easter Table Last Year

I love the idea of adding natural elements to my table setting so for me moss and wood are a must, especially for Spring. Our wooden bread boards are the perfect accent to the white plates. These black chalkboard stands I got off amazon a few years ago....one of my favorites!! I use them ALL THE TIME!! Birthday Parties, Christmas, Special Occasions, they definitely have gotten their use. I used a simple grain stripe table runner with brass candle holders. The detail that I loved the most is the glass dessert cup filled with moss and then an egg. A simple, natural element that screams Spring.

Shop the Look-

Wooden Bread Boards-$12.95 (Shop Now)

Paper White Bulbs- $3.95 (Shop Now)

Table Setting #5- Natural & Simple

The thing I love most about this table setting is that it is the picture of simple elegance. I used our magnolia stems pieced together down the table as a runner. The white plates pop against the wood table and the black and white striped napkin is the perfect contrast. This is a beautiful table with very little effort or fuss.

Happy Hosting!!


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