Design Tips-Creating an Inviting Entryway

Entryways maybe the most important room in your home. They are the first thing that people see when they walk in. The first impression that they get of your whole house right there in 5 seconds in that one room. I strive to create a warm, cozy entryway that makes guests feel like stopping and staying a while. A place that comforts my family when they walk in the door, a room that is there waiting each day to welcome them home.

Tip # 1- Benches

There is nothing like a good bench to sit and put your shoes on or off. An easy add to any space to make it a clearly defined as an "Entryway". In the era of "open concept" it can be challenging to clearly make an entryway in your home.

In our house our front door opens right into our living room, it took me years before I decided to actually break the room up into two rooms a designated "entryway' and a "living room" instead of one massively awkward room. All I needed to do was change out my furniture. A bench and some hooks and there it was.....a space that actually made sense.

Tip #2 Textiles

Pillows are the most common option for a bench, they are comfy and inviting and makes your guests actually want to sit on your bench. Blankets and rugs are also a great way to give definition to your entryway especially if its part of a big open room.

Tip #3 Side Table

Some entryways may not have room for a bench or may need a bench and then a little extra something. That is where a great side table comes in. Adding a side table with a simple display of books, a candle and some florals is a great way to add warmth and fill a space.

Tip #4 Signs

When in doubt you can always "say it with signs" and literally just tell them to come in and stay Signs are a great way to add texture, warmth and dimension to your entryway.

I hope this inspires you in designing and creating your entryway space!!

Happy Decorating!!

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