Decorating Tips for Fall

Fall to me is a time where seasons change and the world turns warm and cozy. The hustle and bustle of summer mellows and home is the place you find yourself once again.

When decorating for fall I like to transition slowly from summer to fall, still incorporating greenery and adding some sprigs of cotton or other neutral pieces.

Neutral colors such as cream and white is a great way to transition your home and give it the fall feel. Antlers, pine cones and other neutral natural elements help add warmth to your space.

Bring the outside in....using faux florals is always a great way to set up your home once and be done. However for special events or occasions or just to enjoy the last bounty of the season adding real fresh greenery is also a fun option; Maple branches, crab apple and other live greenery add a fresh fall look to your home.

May you embrace this season of change in your life and enjoy all of the blessings and gifts it bestows on you. Fill your heart with gratitude and open your eyes to every beautiful site set in your path.