How to Decorate with Old Books

I love using books in staging and in decorating!! They add so much texture and character and usually they are pretty CHEAP!! Here are some simple ways to incorporate books in your decor and staging.

Fillers - You can use them for fillers on shelves, mantels or under benches. Any space that looks empty and needs some character.

Height- Looking to add height to a flat space? Books are great for balancing height on a table, dresser or shelf!!

Adding Height to other items by stacking them on top of each other. I love to do this, a super easy way to tier two objects of the same height or give a little extra height. I always seem to be looking for items to add height so this really helps me out with giving a little extra to a not so tall item and helping my decor not like flat.

Bottom Line-I LOVE BOOKS!! I don't think there is really a space that I have designed that I didn't use books in. Kitchens, Dinning Rooms, Offices, Laundry Rooms, even bathrooms!!!

They are just a great way to fill space and add character for cheap!! And so many different ways to use them: Covers facing in, pages facing out, covers off, linen wrapped, painted, etc!!

Experiment around your home and see what spaces you could incorporate some books or that need some extra character!!

My favorite place to find them is garage sales and thrift stores!! If you find some at a garage sale that may not look exactly like what you want just remember (You can rip the cover off , wrap or paint it to fit your needs) and you can NEVER have too many books so stock up!!