Gift of Gratitude

Small gestures of Thankfulness go a long way, in this season of "Thanksgiving" I wanted to give small tokens of gratitude to the people who I am thankful for and affect my life everyday.

To show my thankfulness I baked homemade pumpkin rolls (a must I do every year in October) cut them into thirds and wrapped them in parchment paper. I secured it with twine and added a sprig of fresh rosemary to give the basket some greenery.

Cinnamon Tea along with the pumpkin roll was just the right fall touch to give this "Thankful" basket. I also included our "Gather Together" dish towel $9.95 at .

A simple berry basket (I found a bunch at a flea market for .25 cents was the perfect container for my gift. When putting baskets together I find it is hard to keep them inexpensive and simple, I often get carried away in themes, containers, etc. Since this was a gift of thankfulness it was something that I did not want anyone to feel they had to return and I didn't want it to be too much.

Just a little gesture of thanks during this "Thanksgiving" season.

Whether it be a friend, neighbor, spouse, or teacher show your gratitude in small ways and get big smiles!! Everybody loves a thank you.

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