5 Ideas For Outdoor Planters

Summer is the time for making an extension of your home flow into your outdoor spaces as well as your indoor spaces. I like to use unique planters to display my outdoor flowers and greenery.

1.) Wooden Boxes- One of my favorite items to use as a planter is old wooden boxes and crates that I find at thrift stores or garage sales. They add warmth to any space but with any wooden piece you have to make sure to properly line it (water and wood don't mix) if you don't properly protect your wood it will be rotted and ruined within a few years. I use plastic planters to plant my greenery in and then I just SET them in the wooden box (no dirt on wood or water on wood). My plastic planter has drainage holes so I also make sure I take the whole planter out of the box to water it and then put it back in once it has stopped draining.

2.) Cement Planters-I LOVE our cement planter bowls. They are heavy duty, these are made to be planters so I do no line them with anything. The dirt goes right in and I water regularly however they do NOT have drainage holes so they do not require water has often as my other plants.

3.Rusty Metal Wall Planters-There is nothing better than some greenery to add dimension to your outdoor spaces at eye level. These planters are fun and easy to fill and -hang. I put the dirt directly into them and water right onto the soil regularly.

4.) Organic Pots- These pots are great, Study and Stylish. They have an aged look that adds character to any space. Scatter them inside and out.

5.) Hanging Bucket Planter- Love the metal look of our metal wall planters. This item is so versatile. Use it outdoors or indoors for a hanging planter. You can put toiletries and other items in it for your bathroom walls or add it to your playroom for pencils, markers, and craft supplies.

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