Master Bathroom Transformation

After tackling the down stairs bathroom I was ready to head upstairs and see what could be done there.

My 1st step is always to analyze the room and look for the positives!! This room really didn't need much work. The blue and brown were a little to dark especially for a bathroom with no windows. Here are the BEFORE pics:

Here are my list of positives for this room:

-LOVE the built in!!!

-Nice Backspash

-Good Neutral Wall Color

-Nice White Cabinets

This transformation was really just de-cluttering and staging to bring out the positives of the room!!

First step bringing this built-in to LIFE by staging it to make it "POP" and look like an added feature of the room. Adding white elements such as the towels and wash clothes give the built-in a purpose. The white vases and greenery soften the space and add the much needed greenery to this space. I wanted to give it some charm so I added a rustic wooden box holding clean, simple glass jars full of soap and sponges.

WHITE, WHITE, WHITE!!! To lighten this room up especially because it has no windows we needed to add white!!