Transforming a space can be something as little as changing out decor and accessories for an amazing transformation. When I started this bathroom transformation I wasn't sure what I would really accomplish. Everything had to stay, no budget to replace a shower, or vanity or sink or wall color we were working with what we had.

That's OK, I like a challenge. I understand when you are trying to sell your home you really don't want to dump money into it to try to get out of it. After I took a closer look I saw a lot of positives from this room.

-Black vanity....good

-Neutral Wall Color...Also good

-Window for natural light....good

-Nice Black Slate Floors Another Positive!!

OK, first things first....take EVERYTHING down...clean slate. First thing I notice I need to do something about the mirror above the sink was just too small.

Next, this room was much too dark done in brown and burgundy.....I needed to lighten it up! What better color than one of my favorites....WHITE!!!