DIY Christmas Grapevine Wreath

I love adding sprigs of fresh pine greenery around the house and outside. Pine branches are perfect in the winter for adding festive greenery to any space. When keep outside they will last all winter as long as they are kept cold so no need to worry about them drying out or dropping needles or dry brittle looking branches.

This project is great because it is so simple. Grapevine wreaths are one of my favorites because they are classic and versatile. You can stick fresh or faux stems in them and change them out all year round. You can find them at any craft store for about $5.

What you will need:

-(1) Grapevine Wreath

-(3) Varieties of Pine Branches

-Floral Wire



First I took one of my selected three varieties of pine branches and began sticking them into my wreath. I wanted to make a moon type wreath with the top bare and the bottom thicker.

Once I felt I had enough of my first variety I began stuffing stems into the wreath of the second which were cedar branches.

Next I added in the last variety of greenery, I like the look of layer which type and "filling" and "mixing" the greens.

Lastly, I used my pliers to cut my floral wire and then weaved it into the bottom layers of my pinecones, wrapped it around the pinecone twice and then wrapped the pinecone into the wreath.

Love the final product, this wreath is simply yet festive and perfect for Christmas and into the Winter months as well. Whatever you decide to do to make your house feel like a home for the holidays have fun with it and savor this special time we get to spend with family and friends.


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