Simple yet Elegant

My mom is wanting a "harvest" style Thanksgiving since all of the veggies served this year will be from her garden. I knew I wanted to incorporate some kind of fresh greenery but I did not want to spend money at a florist, the point of the day is to give thanks and appreciate each other. I was looking at trees for any branches that didn't lose there leaves yet, to me Christmas is pine & ever greens but Thanksgiving is fall and leaves, pumpkins, pinecones and....HERBS!!!

As I was walking around the yard and I got inspired by lavender and fresh herbs as the decor. How simple yet what I beautiful statement it makes on the table. Simple yet elegant.

What better than adding my own home grown lavender as the center piece and accent items to go with the "harvest" theme. Herbs are a great way to add subtle greenery to your Thanksgiving table.

For the place settings I decided on a single piece of Lavender and a Thanksgiving gift tag ( I got on Clearance a couple of weeks ago for .30 cents a package;) which I turned into a place setting.

Since our Thanksgivings are casual buffet style events (this is the first year we have ever done place settings or tablescapes). I wanted the look to be simple yet elegant. The white plates with the clear glass mason jars are the perfect look of careless style that I was going for. I am sure I will add a few little touches here and there but this table has inspired my thoughts on the whole set-up.

Rustic stumps and wooden crates displaying deserts and pies. All white serving dishes and platters. Clear glass drink dispenser with Fall themed flavored and pear? Orange and cranberry? You get the idea. Since we don;t have enough seats at the actual dinning table we have to push to card tables together, to hide the fact that they are card tables I will be covering them in brown kraft paper and adding mismatched chairs. Terricotta pots with lavender, rosemary and sage in them. Sprigs of Lavender around the desert trays and turkey.

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving let it be done effortlessly and have fun with it. This is not a time to be stressed it is a time to be thankful, joyful and blessed.