Adding a Fall Feel to Your Home

We finally re-covered from our Fall Show and got around to doing some Fall/Halloween Decorating!! Check out these great ideas for welcoming the season into your home!!

I like the idea of decorating for "seasons" instead of holidays except Christmas of course that is its own season. I like the more natural decor elements but to be fun for the kiddos I decorate the buffet table for holidays/events such as: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Movie Nights, Etc. Then I am not changing the whole house every two weeks.

Add a grapevine wreath to your chandelier to give your dining room a fall feel, imagine how festive it would look for your Thanksgiving Day Dinner!!

We tied black ribbon to our "Spooky Tree" to look like bats flying around. A great alternative to candles in lanterns are pumpkins and other seasonal decor that you can change out year round!!

Pine cones, antlers, pumpkins and old books are great neutral decor items for your hutch!!

Remember the best decor for your home is love and laughter, make sure that you enjoy all of the simple gifts in your life this fall season. Happy Fall!!


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