Vintage Train Party


For Cooper's 4th Birthday this year we did a "Vintage Train" Party. If you know me you know that I love a mix of new and vintage for everything so this party was no different. Cooper's favorite color is blue so blue and green was the obvious choice of color palette and so the vintage train theme was born.


I enjoy making events such as birthdays, holidays, etc. special so that everyone else feels special as well. I don't want a holiday or special event to go by and have it be "just another day". In the same sense I am not going to treat each event like a wedding and do favors, gifts, etc. All I needed to do was make a four year old little boy feel special and important which I believe I did without going overboard.


I like to use the big buffet table in my house as a theme table, this way I am not decorating the entire house but I am recognizing the event and making it special. Making something special does not mean that you have to throw money at it, most of the time it is the thought that counts that people or events are remembered.


For Cooper it was the fact that everything was blue and he got cake. As we get so involved with Pinterest and Social Media and being amazing at everything let's not get lost in what the real point of what we are doing is and who it is for. I like themes, I like making people feel special, I like clean, simple and easy design but I don't want to set up for a week for a party that is going to last two hours. Keep it simple, keep it creative, keep it easy and you will be happier with your results.