Drawing from Nature

Whether you are getting ready to entertain for a be-lated Mother's Day or for Father's Day, 4th of July, Birthdays, Wedding Showers, etc. there is something to be said for keeping your decor simple and beautiful. Go outside by inspired by what you see and feel and hear. For Mother's Day I really drew on natural elements for my gifts and decor. I took a walk in the woods and found some hollowed out birch trees that I grabbed and took inside the best part is that they were FREE!!! Moss, Flowers from my yard, sticks. I was inspired by clean, simplistic design I wanted it to feel fresh and spring like.


Find something you feel inspired by and draw from that. For me it was lemons, I wanted Lemon/yellow everthing. This drew me to yellow being my color for my annual Mother's Day Dinner. I went with yellow daffidols for my decor, birch trees, and spanish moss. I found this picture off Pinterest and knew that's what I wanted to re-create. Of course mine wasn't as elaborate as this but I took bits and pieces.


For gifts I also like to keep it simple, Mother's Day is Spring and to me that means gardening and getting outside. It puts everyone in the Spring mood and just makes you want to get outdoors and grow something!!


I got this old nail can from a thrift store for .50 cents a perfect "gift bag" for the gardening supplies and flowers, the daffidols were .98 cents, the rake and shovel were $1.99, and the garden gloves were $2.99 as well so for a grand total of $9.50 we had our gifts!!

For my center piece I cut some of my tulips I had out in the yard and put them in a glass vase with some cut up lemons. It followed my theme, made the house feel like spring and only cost me .50 cents in Lemons!!


No matter what event you are planning go outside, look at magazines find an element that inspires you and run with it making something special doesn't mean you have to make it expensive ;)


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